this day ..

today is an absolutely beautiful day!

woke up to the sweetest little face pressed up against mine and a smile that can never be described to give it justice!

it was as earlier than I would have wished but would not have been more blessed at that very moment!

we ate breakfast together, went outside to start the water in the yard and then we took a walk, the streets were quiet and no one was out and about, it was as if we were the only ones awake and it felt amazing!

I did stop and smell the flowers, I enjoyed the sights of bird's singing & bathing in the fresh mist that lay on the fresh watered grass they had chosen!

It amazes me how you can feel SO incomplete in some portion's of your life and some things are out of your control yet completely affect and disable you when they are not right!!

THEN you have a day like this one given to me this morning, and you have to smile and say..

"it will all be o.k." YOU have to have that faith, it is there, use it!!

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  1. I love your writing... You have a special way of seeing things that brings out the beauty in this world (even thru the pain). Keep it up!