last night...

the rain soaked the ground, the hail was forceful, the lightening lit the sky and the thunder roared making it's presence known! Are you afraid of nature or do you admire it?

there was extreme violence, someone was threatened, someone lost their life and a few left fighting for theirs! Do you think you could be related to one of them?

there was a elderly female who required assistance as she thought someone had broken into her home, she was scared and had locked herself in her bathroom until help could arrive! is this your Mother/Grand/Great Grandmother?

there was a demand from all who seems to reach out for help that was overwhelming! Why do some have the patience to endure this day in and day out?

there was question of what more this night could bring...this is all that happened when you were sleeping last night, so please say your prayers when you go to bed each and every night and know there are angels who are on duty to protect you and your family!

I drove home in silence, it was the sweetest sound I heard all night..They sky was dark gray, almost black in some places, the clouds broken apart w/a hue of a full shiny moon peeking through.

what most people take for granted, some live on a daily basis!

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