I'm just saying...

I wonder why .. When I see something wrong, no one else can see it?

I wonder why .. People think that yelling at you makes you respond faster or more genuine?

I wonder why .. Fresh cut grass smells SO good!

I wonder why .. Blossoms make you sneeze but not the "bumble bees"?

I wonder why .. a bumble bees kiss stings?

I wonder why .. Life is SO short?

I wonder why .. at times it seems as if time is standing still, at others it flies by!

I wonder why .. finding time for yourself is SO hard?

I wonder why .. punishing a child hurts you worse than it does the child!

I wonder why .. a good ole' "nap" cures all, can we research and patented that?

I wonder why .. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, does that mean that to everyone else your ugly?

I wonder why .. little eyes and ears see & hear things we don't or can't or plain ole' refuse too..Ohh to be young again!

I wonder why .. music is god for the soul..

I wonder why .. some forgive and some forget, but never both!

I wonder why .. people think I want to hear the music while I'm sitting tight inside my home, with my doors/windows closed as they drive by..

I wonder why .. I wonder WHY!!

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