the rules...

are supposed to be simple, basic and not hard to follow...

Boundaries are just that, put in place so you can have a clear understanding of what is acceptable.

Rules are basic bits of information that are in place so the whole world does not fall to it's own demise.

Honesty is something that you are able to give to someone, put in place if you will only as you are comfortable within yourself to admit, acknowledge and accept what the issue at hand may be.

Communication is a `must` in everyday life, EVERYone has it in them, it is up to them how, when and IF they choose to use it. It is truly sad when someone chooses to NOT to use this vice as it could be the best thing that ever happened to them.

Shutting down, not understanding or even being able to acknowledge things that happen in your life will only destroy you and prevent you from becoming the person you truly are inside.

Is it possible that a person can want something SO BADLY that it over shadows the very environment that your said "dream" is being provided?

Happiness at someone else's expense is still settling and should not even be a concept. I truly still believe there is someone out there who has every ability/attribute I am willing to settle for!

for now, I will continue my search..wish me luck!

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