just part of the routine...

I had to work the weekend so my folks would be watching David.  I would be taking him down before I went to work tonight, my daughter had plans and would be staying at her dad's this weekend. My folks offered for me to come and stay when I got off work, to work and drive to sleep fast and get up to drive all the way back was a bit much, I needed a little quiet and this gave me the perfect opportunity.  I missed David terribly but they enjoyed him more!

I didn't pack much but the clothes on his back, we maintained a "normal" set-up at their house, we agreed this made David feel comfortable to have a lot of his same 'stuff' when he was there, his home away from home.
I worried when David was away from me, our home, our safety, this whole experience has intensified my security and comfort zone from a 2 to an 11.  ..sigh
My folks still smoked which was NOT a good environment for David, the doctors have even been as bold to tell them when they would visit David in the hospital.  They claimed to {now} not smoke in the house when he was there, they only smoked outside, well, fine and dandy but you STILL carry it in with you and it transfers to him, sigh, this is a never ending battle! ): one that my energy or resources can over come, at least not at this moment.

David LIT up when he saw his papa and his papa just melts, this is DEFINITELY my dad's medicine if you will.  I had a few minutes to spare before I had to head back to town to get some grub and get to work, sooo I took a seat outside, it was a beautiful day and I loved the 'back porch'.  My dad had taken David in the house to my mom and he was coming back out to visit before I had to leave.  I miss my dad, I love him so much!! 
We chatted for a little while when my mom had come outside, said she had laid David down for a nap .. I gave my salutations then I headed to work. 

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