Rush Rush Rush

In this world where everything is so extremely rushed why do we find it acceptable to sit in a Starbucks drive-thru?! Swear the line is absurd with cars extended around the entire store as we pull in for our spot in line...
Curse the whole time at the barrage of cars in front of us, when did 8:30 a.m. become such a rushed hour, "don't you all have somewhere to be?" Like we ourselves don't?! We yell from the confines of our car, windows up and doors locked for the one ahead of us to hurry their order, seriously who the hell are we yelling at?! Questioning the entire wait if it would have been just as fast to go inside the store and place your order. 
I am convinced our society truly has the "hurry up and wait" mentality we have always been warned of. I feel compelled, almost on a daily basis to try and slow things down, at least on a personal level but feel as if I am constantly being confronted & challenged with the "how?"
I will ALWAYS take the time to smell the flowers and really appreciate the littlest of things I come across as I forge forward in my daily life ❤️

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