Be careful what you wish for....

I pray always for her to give me some sort of sign that I am fulfilling her wishes. I want to know I have made her proud in her eyes, I beg to know she is happy with the way he is being taken care of.
How ridiculous is this, I am yearning for something I will never get, setting myself up for one heartache after another. A confirmation that simply does not exist!
I am not giving up and have been accused of looking "way" to deep into things and that what I have seen/felt or experienced is nothing that could possibly be from the other side. I stand, write here, that I know for certain I recieved one of my signs this evening, so I guess that makes me guilty as charged❣
He came home from school in a great mood, professed his love for me and his daddy (totally unprovoked) within an hour of walking through the door. "I love tou mommy, I love you Daddy" ~ those words are truly heart melting. Nearing his bedtime he sticks close by, purring around each one of us as if he were a cat looking for a little extra attention-which of course he got!!  
He asked for his crayon pencil he got as a valentine from a friend at school and proceeded to write me a note (which he has actually done a few times just recently) and has let me know I can write him notes as well 😋 
He wrote; 
I THANKED him for the sweet note and I hugged him tight and asked him why he loved me/us SO much...he said as we were now being silly "you're a good family for me!" I lost it and had to hold him even tighter...
THAT, I know, was a sign from her to me saying "Thank You for caring for my son!"

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