Honestly ~

Do you take things personal?
ME: on most occasions, way too personal!

How would you describe yourself? 
ME; honest, loving, trusting, (too) stubborn, and insecure

Have you ever done something to fit into someone's life & not because they asked or wanted you to, rather you realized it was exactly what you needed to do because it is what they needed?
ME: I most certainly have!

How would you describe your life's story?
ME: I truly believe we tell pieces of our story each and every day, thus creating our own (living) legacy ~ I say make it a good one!

What words do you use to motivate those around you?
ME: do your best in everything you do - this way you have no regrets, only lesson(s) to learn

Are you a lover or a fighter?
ME: I would have to say that I am a "fighter." by no means am I indicating this in a physical way, rather a description of how each one of us prevail on a daily basis. fighting for what you believe in on every level makes you a better person, a better person who is able to love themselves in turn loving others!

How to you feel about change?
ME: it scares me to death, bottom line, no other words needed!

how honest can you be? is it because no one is "looking" or will see your responses?!
hmmmmm :-)

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