tonight was yet another reminder of how precious life really is...
not one single person should ever have to say "good-bye" prematurely to a loved one, let alone their own child, especially when the guilt is proclaimed on you for their careless act...
the ripple effect of all the lives that are affected is endless!

with personally having been effected by suicide a few years ago now, the only thing that was found to be on his person was my home phone number, the questions were never ending...WHY did he not call? WHY would he have thought "no one" could help him? HOW did it get this far? I felt the guilt for many years after until one day I realized, these were HIS issues and not mine, I had extended my ear, my shoulder and my home, he choose not to use them...to him perhaps, he choose the easy way out!

Even though I still miss him, I wonder what kind of man he would be today, as he was about to turn 16 years old and had his entire life ahead of him with endless possibilities...I did say a silent prayer for the family that was affected tonight and hope they can take comfort in knowing that the loss although tragic was nothing they could have avoided.

I sent my daughters a text message at that moment, told them I loved them and missed them!

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