WoW! I did it!! I followed through with a project, a major accomplishment if you will..I feel like I am walking on air.

I am, as you know working on a book for my son, an explanation for him, of him. In the meantime, which was an AWESOME book also, found some of my writing's and decided "why not" and compiled them into a book of their own along with some of my favorite photos, also taken by yours truly.

I told very little people what I was doing, even my closest of friends and family. They were to say the least, shocked, and wowed, yet not at all surprised I was able to pull it off. A feeling I can not even put in words, I simply say, "It's just what I do" {wink} GREAT title if I don't say so myself.

I let a co-worker read the entire book as it was still a rough draft, she was speechless and in tears. I amazed my mother the following day with the news and then gave the review to my father, the last page of the 40 page book is dedicated to him, who he is in 'my' eyes. My father was reduced to a somber `sob`, it was extremely bitter-sweet.

The fact that this has such an impact at this small of a level makes me a giant in my own skin. I want to SCREAM at the highest of mountains, I WROTE A BOOK, although I would probably be admitted for being crazy in public, but it would be so worth it and who knows I would probably have excellent material for a 2nd, even 3rd book! HaHa

I am still me, the same person who struggles with "what-ifs" just with a HUGE smile and love for my life just how it is!

I will continue to press on with my son's book and believe as I was taught, " the sky is the limit "

p.s. in case I've "peeked" your interest

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