Who KNEW ...

... that TODAY would be the day I can cross off one of my (secret) Bucket List items?! 
I am not in any way implying that we need to set a 'list' of things we would love to accomplish before we leave this earth, because by mere chance, if there are items on that list that are not crossed off then one may be left to feel like they have failed and not lived a very productive or full life~
I'd like to think a Bucket List is a visual goal that allows you to keep perspective of what is important to you; places, people, {secret} desires, fears and more can be conquered at ones own discretion!
Today is a very far stretch for me, I have a TON of excitement and a TON more anxiety just thinking of the possibilities~the smallest of chances that I may get the message I have been longing for for, grieving for, for over 7 years. One I know I may never get, even if it is on a one on one basis, who knows but who am I to deny myself the very opportunity?! 

TODAY is a great day and TODAY I get to cross a line off my 'list' WHO KNEW .. .. ..      

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