not so routine appt.....

.....as we pulled up I heard the anxiety in his sigh
.....as we got out of the car he started to reassure himself, asking a question with a question
.....as we walked in the front door, he had secure his hand in mine and was a little slower in his walk
.....as we entered and walked up to the check in counter his "good morning" was one that was un-easy
.....as we went to wait for our name to be called, in the "kid/toy" room if you will, he sat silent
.....as we heard his name being called he began to tear up and swallow hard
.....as we walked to the exam room, he began to recite his reassurances as I had just recited to him
.....as we were in the midst of the appointment, speaking with the specialist, he asked nervously, "we done now" we done now" can we go now mom?!?!

David has got to be the bravest little soul I know.  David is a little boy who does not know adversity yet he lives it on a daily basis, he does not know pain in the way we know pain or even fear. David is a miracle, so when I am yearning for the gift I will {ultimately} never receive, I have to look at him and be thankful I have him and know that someday, just someday!!

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